Have you ever wondered what a beached U-Boat would look like if it were to be washed out of the ocean onto a UK beach? A14 were wondering this very thing so they decided to create what they had imagined. Perhaps it would something like this image….
After finding the perfect location we had to wait for the light .The background image was shot and we were good to go back to the studio to create some digital magic. Having modeled the U-boat a few years earlier we pulled it from our archive and started to position into the backplate. Camera data taken from the day of the shoot allowed us to match the angles perfectly. We then created textures for the U-boat and played with the lighting until we were happy with the look and feel.The hi-res rendered images were then put into photoshop where we comped them into the original background image shot by John Parker
Photography shot by John Parker, capturing the lovely light at the time to give the shot the mood and feel we wanted. Shot on medium format cameras and stitched together to give even greater resolution, the detail was outstanding.
The U-Boat was fully digitally modeled and rendered, integrated into the photography using HDRi lighting captured on set to give the best possible match between the two elements.
Final Image
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