A fun project centred around a childs summer days, and what they can conjure up in their imagination, a chase/fight with an insect, as he's geared himself up with Supersoaker and trike. The other a frantic escape on skates.
Insects were fully computer generated and integrated into John Parker's photographic backplates. The shots then given a graphic playful feel, with pushed surreal colours that perhaps a child thinks of when thinking about best summers of past.
The Bee image was a real challenge when completed roughly 5 years ago, as fur in CGI packages at the time was still in its infancy. The bee was sculpted in Zbrush and the textures painted in Photoshop. Backplate photography again by John Parker.
Original Photographic plate
The dragon fly was meticulously modeled on real reference shots. This meant we could be free to place the camera anywhere we liked and not have to worry about lack of detail and resolution.
Final image
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