Lucky Generals & Paddy Power approached us with a huge, top-secret project that had to be kept under wraps during the whole creative process. During the 2014 Fifia World Cup, Paddy Power wanted to create hype around a controversial image of the Amazon Rainforest and so we created a completely CGI image of the Amazon Rainforest using Modo in which the words 'C'mon England PP' had been chopped into the landscape. When the image was released on the web the PR stunt sent the Twittersphere into overload with comments of anger at Paddy Powers despicable actions. The image was even scrutinised with an error level analysis test to validate the its authenticity and the results of the test were - No Manipulation. 
The tension in the online community mounted until finally we revealed the truth in the second part of the PR stunt we released the second image with a different set of words 'carved' into the rainforest. 'We didn't give the Amazon a brazillian.' It was revealed that the image was completely CGI and it had been so convincing that it had fooled the nation. In 48 hours we generated 35 million Twitter impressions and sent thousands of people to Greenpeace saluted Paddy Power's actions in highlighting the plight of the rainforest and deforestation and the hashtags went from #shavetherainforest to #savetherainforest.  
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