This sumptious project we did for Milka was a pleasure to create. Centered around the delicious pouring of their Milka chocolate onto their ice cream products, we came up with a 21st century way of producing this campaign.

Using our ability to simulate in the computer liquid dynamics, specially tuned to deliver that impossible on the day in a studio look, flawless ripples that let us create the exacting brief; portraying the bar melting in a very art directable way so everyone was happy! The chocolate had to end up in a very directed shape so we came up with software tools that let us blend simulation and then be able to nudge it so it did exactly what we wanted in the end so we could match near perfectly the pencil drawn brief sketch.

Working closely with photographer Sun Lee who shot the icecream itself, we then worked hard to take the photos, reproject using photogrammetry tecniques so we then had icecream we could take the camera anywhere around! That let us be free and create gorgeous camera moves using the chocolate as our focus to turn around. 

Since we had a 3d model of the icecream now, we could simulate the chocolate directly onto it to get that visually tight integration between the two, including those contact shadows and reflections that sell it!
Cutting Edge 3D Compositing Workflow
Below you can see how we composite in 3 dimensions inside of Nuke, which opens up so many doors. It allows us to know spatially where elements are exactly so we can lock particular grades to a place in space, and allows  us to light and relight the scene in post too, allows us to remain flexible throughout the process for agency and client!
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