Agency: CHI & Partners
Photography: Andy Glass
CGI:  James Gardner-Pickett & Clive Biley
Retouching: Clive Biley
Lexus approached us requiring a complex shot to match into their 'Amazing In Motion' campaign. The campaign was a set of ambitious projects that explored the complexity and beauty of motion through film, photography and technology. Our image was to be part of the Swarm project, a story unfolding at night with the quadrotors playing and exploring the city as the human world sleeps peacefully. The project set out to push the boundaries of design, technology and movement.
Working in collaboration with talented photographer Andy Glass we were tasked with combining the practically shot quadrotor and our CGI backplate city with some careful compositing. We camera matched so that we could map the city onto geometry to relight the street below to the desired atmosphere, add cars and street lamps with volumetric light emitting. We feel that the final image brings to life the mischievious child like mentality of the quadrotor whilst portraying the beauty of motion, even in a still.

Photography by Andy Glass
A 3d version of the city buildings were generated over the photography so we could relight and add depth and atmosphere to the shot.
The final image
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