CASE STUDY A: Forbidden Planet Homage
This was a portfolio project based around producing a B movie poster image but brought to life with 21st century production values. We worked together as a team, utilising our pre-visualising/concept artists to start mocking up visuals with pencil and paper.
This lets us work out the kinks, with composition, style, and content all much more flexible at this stage of the process, we capitalise on this to nail down our images, so we can progress to CGI and Post Production without hitch to produce the best image possible.
1st Concept idea Visualised by our Concept Artists here at A14
2nd Concept idea Visualised by our Concept Artists here at A14
Final Concept, that our CGI and Post Production Department then takes forward
The Final Image
CASE STUDY B: Humalog Monsters
This was a large, ambitious campaign done for Humalog, centred around monsters with the food theme running through there aesthetic. With 16 different executions to be done for the many different locales around the world, we had to do it in a way that let us be flexible and efficient, hence we decided to rely heavily on an initial phase of concept art to flesh out the designs and final vision of the campaign. Below you can see many parts of the process from inital sketches, to colour variation work and exploring materials that would be fitting for each monster.
Detailed Orthographic Drawings of the Conceptualised monsters were done to hand over to our CGI department, to aid the modelling process.
Colour Variations/Themes were explored with the client, so they could decide on the best feel for their campaign, as well as providing real reference on the right, to give a sense of the realistic materials so the client could foresee the final result more clearly.
The final Ad, featuring the CGi monster created by A14
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