Concept/Illustration Phase:
With 16 different executions to be done for the many different locales around the world centred around some ambitious monster ideas, we had to do it in a way that let us be flexible and efficient, hence we decided to rely heavily on an initial phase of concept art to flesh out the designs and final vision of the campaign. Below you can see many parts of the process from inital sketches, to colour variation work and exploring materials that would be fitting for each monster.
After the inital concepting phase, we then take the drawings and model the monsters in what is effectively digital clay, inside sculpting software. This lets us mould it and shape the three dimensions of the character, add skin detail and generally "flesh out" the design.
Digital Clay Turn Table:
Here we take our digital sculpts of the monsters and produce a clay shaded turntable animation for the client to approve the monster from all angles. From there we can then start to shade and texture as well as light the creatures into the scenes.
Photographic Set Phase:
For this ambitious campaign spanning many regions of the world, we needed to be able to tweak the locale of the set, to look in keeping with the region. A14 built a set of the room so we could have complete control of the shots, including outside lighting strength, interior decor etc all without destroying a real restaurant.
We captures the shots in the latest Digital cameras available that let us work and supply in extreme detail.
The Final Ad (One of 16 variations for all markets around the world)
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