CGI //// James Gardner-Pickett & Clive Biley
Retouching //// Clive Biley
Photography //// John parker
This was a project for a health company, needing a completely digital hospital set build, custom designed to suit the brand, and the specific look and feel they desired to portray their product in they way they wanted. So we set about building all the assets in CGI, and focusing on shading and lighting.
The photographic people, shot by John Parker were carefully composited into the shot, with close collaboration between CGI and Photography to match exactly the angles and camera data to get a complete integration.
The photography was comped in on set so the client could envision very closely what the final output was to look like, using early previz shots and angles from the CGI department. This lets the job so smoothly, with no unexpected surprises to anyone along the line.
Early Previz shots from CGI department, shoiwng the layout of the hospital and camera angles for approval, before going to shading and lighting.
John Parker shot the actors on set and captured them in extreme detail using the latest digital backs.
We collaborate closely with Photographers to ensure lighting and angles are to match into the CGI backplates.
The final image before Artwork/Copy added
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