Agency /// MRM/McCann
Photographer /// Stephen Wilkes
CGI /// James Gardner-Pickett & Clive Biley
A rough composite along the journey towards to the final ad, working closely with photographer Stephen Wilkes and client on pose, size, mood, shapes etc that allow us to hone in on the final result.
Another step towards the final ad, this time experimenting with other designs and elements.
Close attention to the metallic 3d shaders meant we had to add minute scratches and imperfections, all adding to get that physical realistic look. The model itself shown here in closeup, show the very careful modelling of chamferred edges that give it that machines lathed look thats important to get the visual weight and heft of the object to come across.
An exploration of pose and expression along the way to the final ad.
Reflection Pass, rendered out for control over the amount of reflection, and shows the world that we built around the dog to get a good integration into the photrography.
Lit 3d model to integrate into the photography
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