This was an ambitious project for 2 reasons. One being the challenge to create and animate a hgih detail art directable feather, that could be dialled in to the visual directive the client needed; in this case a rich almost illustrative quality moulded into a very tight shape brief.
The second challenge was the huge production of vast 3d landscapes, which were developed over the course of the project, trialling several lighting variants of the same landscape. 3D allowed us huge flexibility all the way to the deadline, where we could relight, simply moving the cgi sun and all the atmosphere adjusts. Very handy!
Using latest GPU rendering, we managed to render this feather at 16,000x16,000 pixels for high quality print. Huge amounts of 3d detail was needed in each feather barb for this to work!
We took a photo of a landscape, augmented it with 3d, and then artistically graded and animated to create this timelapse of sunrise, all timed to perfection for the shot length that worked for the feather animation! lovely.
Time of day was key in this ad, so creative trials of different light setups were done so client was perfectly happy. You can see below some of the tests.
using the latest software we built and simulated with wind forces the edge movement to mimic it falling through the air! Carefully crafting the amount of wind as the animation progressed to create the directed final ad.
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