Pure CGI
Computer Generated Imagery allows images that were once impossible, possible. Through the use of the very latest computer graphics tecniques Atomic14 can make any brief come to life with a quality that is as crystaline as a photo, yet even more flexible.
It allows the camera to go places a real camera cannot, it allows lighting to changed at any point. It allows objects that simply to do not exist, to come to life.
CGI & Photography
When you combine CGI & Photography, great things can be achieved. It allows the very best photographers to do what they do best, and meld it with CGI elements to create images that would perhaps not be practical to do entirely in 3D.
The example below uses a gorgeously Photographed mouse, which would be an unnecessarily timely task to create in CGI usually, and combines the shot into a fully digital set build, that let us tailor the image to the exact look we were after. The set went through many different versions before getting to this result and its this flexibility that is so powerful.

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