Fish Bowl

A creative project the A14 team thought up, centering around a Goldfish`s daily life, that has driven him to drastic measures to protect him from the dreaded house cat. Involving CGI heavily, to create the FishBowl itself, and Photographry by renowned John Parker, we set about creating this fun image. The image gained recognition in the Archive "200 Best Digital Artists" Magazine.

Agency /// A14
Creative /// Clive Biley & John Parker
Photographer /// John Parker
CGI /// Clive Biley
Retouching /// Clive Biley

Included in the Prestigious "200 Best Digital Artists Awards" held by Archive.
A 3d wireframe of the fishbowl showing the plant, stones and the glass bowl elements in their digital form.
A look at the 3d scene from another higher viewing angle showing the 3d elements with the 2d cards placed into the 3d world, creating a cohesive comp later on.
A 3D CGI model of the fin and belt buckle were rendered and composited onto the image of the goldfish to create the playful character you see in the final image.
The Final Image
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